Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

this time i surrender

This time I surrender my self
To a love that worth
Just hold on my heart
Hold on to that feelin

Sorry if it’s too late
To build up trust
But I know there’s a change..
For me to be there…

Didn’t understand the meaning
But I know it called LOVE
a love that made me fly
Fly away high

I sometimes wonder
How it might be
But now I feel
How it so painful

I hear these voices
Tellin me not to give up
Without saying a thing
A thing called LOVE

I’d rather run
I’d rather hold
I’d rather stand
To a little thing called LOVE

I’ll run
To a place called LOVE
Never think twice
For winning your heart

Just please give a chance
Hold on to my heart
You just hold on
To a place called LOVE

And it made for us
For both of us
I Love you
And it called honest

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