Rabu, 28 Mei 2008

poems in love

Im lying in my bed
All alone
Thinkin of what u said
That im too good for you
Maybe that is true
But I just don’t care
This is just the beginning
But you let it end
For the reasons
That’s just unfair

Im talking to my self
That im falling apart
Im turning on the song
Song that we both remember
And I heard it played

“ I maybe blind but I can see
All heart in you makes me see
So sad but it’s true
For me there’s only you
My love as high as mountain
That if only you could see”

And now…
Im harder to cry…
So missin you so much
How could I carry on
With love I have inside

You know I love you so
For you I play my self tried
For you I play my self wild
For you I live my life miserable

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